Thursday, November 13, 2008

Choo Choo Bliss

I belong to an awesome Yahoo Mom's Group, called PeachHead, that consists of hundreds of Mom's in the LA area. Once a year, the Creator/Moderator of the group plans a huge party for the members - it's called 'PeachHead Day'. This years location was at a camp facility in the Canyons of Malibu. So, a few Sunday's ago we loaded the car with our backpack beach chairs and drove up Pacific Coast Highway. This was a HUGE event that she put on - 25 sponsors, bouncy houses, different superheros and cartoon characters, zip lines, puppet and magic shows, food, coloring and craft stations, face painting & a small train that brought absolute joy to the young ones.

The company responsible for the train is Send in the Clowns. They do amazing birthday parties, that come along with a very expensive price tag. The train was the first thing we saw after we checked in and GG was immediately drawn to it. When I first sat her down on the train, her smile said everything....PURE BLISS. We stood there and watched her go around, and around, and around. Being the goofy parents that we are, we waved to her everytime she passed us. After standing there for awhile, we realized that on our backs were beach chairs, so we opened the chairs and made ourselves comfortable. Robert and I sat there for who knows how long. Just watching our precious daughter circle around, and around, and around. PURE BLISS!

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Rhonda said...

What an amazing time and how much fun.