Sunday, January 11, 2009

Camille's Birthday Party

Gosh, it sure has been a long time since I posted.

Camille's birthday party was on November 16 at SCATS Gymnastics. That day there were wild fires all around the area where my sister lives. Her neighborhood was evacuated, the night before, and the fire had burned all the way down to the back yards of their neighbors. Pretty scary time, but by the time Camille's birthday party came around, the raging wild fires had moved west. As we were driving east to the party, Robert and I both looked at each other and thought what the heck are we thinking driving right into the fires! I told him we had to continue on because it was Camille's birthday party. I could not miss my niece's 5 year birthday party, and I knew that GG would have a blast playing with all the ninos.


Having fun with Camille

Birthday cake time!

GG sneaking in and blowing out Camille's candles!

I think GG ate 4 slices of this cake! It was delicious!

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La Familia Garcia said...

That infectious smile is back! Life sure gets busy sometimes, and breaks are just good (even if it's just a blogging break!) ;) Welcome back.