Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gabby's 4th Birthday Party

December 21 was Gabby's 4th birthday party, held at My Gym. Gabby is GG best friend. Gabby has two older sisters, Sophia and Bella, and GG calls the three of them her 'girly girls'. Here are few pictures of GG enjoying the party.
Sitting around the circle listening to the teacher
Happy Birthay Gabby!
Running around the circle
Bubble time

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Manhattan Beach Fireworks

Manhattan Beach's annual fireworks celebration was on Sunday, December 14. We had never attended this event before, and since GG's girly girls, Sophia, Bella and Gabby, live in Manhattan Beach, we thought we would check it out. We swung by Allison's house to pick her up and the girly girls. We started our short drive to the beach. Parking in Manhattan Beach is an absolute nightmare. So on our way there, all I could think about was where were we going to park. As we got into into the thick of the traffic and parking issues, I started to freak out. We drove around a few times, and had no luck in finding a parking spot. We were two blocks from the festivities when we noticed a Bank of America. We needed to get cash, so we turned left to go to the bank, and guess what? A car was just leaving a metered space, right outside of the bank......two blocks from the festivities! ROCK STAR PARKING! After we put our blankets down and got settled, we wondered around the different activities going on - bake sale, Santa and his sleigh, snow field for the kids to play. As we started to walk back to our blankets, I noticed the most amazing sunset. I had to stop and take a few moments to take it all in. It was one of the most prettiest sunsets I had ever seen. After I snapped I few photographs, we all made it back to our blankets and hung for an hour. The fireworks finally started at 6:00. GG was so excited watching the fireworks that she just belting out singing Jingle Bells. She was so happy, I was so happy, we were all so happy! After the fireworks, we ran to our car and missed all the traffic. Everything worked out perfectly and we all had a fantastic time.

Manhattan Beach Pier at Sunset


Playing around while waiting for the fireworks

GG and Sophia

GG and Gabby

GG loving on Gabby

Allison and Bella

Allison and I

The crew anxiously awaiting the fireworks


Monday, January 19, 2009

The Living Desert

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday we stayed at my parents condo in Palm Desert. For awhile now GG has been talking about the zoo, so one day we decided to take her to the Living Desert, which is the closest thing to the zoo, out in the desert.

Beautiful desert sunset!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Camille's Birthday Party

Gosh, it sure has been a long time since I posted.

Camille's birthday party was on November 16 at SCATS Gymnastics. That day there were wild fires all around the area where my sister lives. Her neighborhood was evacuated, the night before, and the fire had burned all the way down to the back yards of their neighbors. Pretty scary time, but by the time Camille's birthday party came around, the raging wild fires had moved west. As we were driving east to the party, Robert and I both looked at each other and thought what the heck are we thinking driving right into the fires! I told him we had to continue on because it was Camille's birthday party. I could not miss my niece's 5 year birthday party, and I knew that GG would have a blast playing with all the ninos.


Having fun with Camille

Birthday cake time!

GG sneaking in and blowing out Camille's candles!

I think GG ate 4 slices of this cake! It was delicious!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Choo Choo Bliss

I belong to an awesome Yahoo Mom's Group, called PeachHead, that consists of hundreds of Mom's in the LA area. Once a year, the Creator/Moderator of the group plans a huge party for the members - it's called 'PeachHead Day'. This years location was at a camp facility in the Canyons of Malibu. So, a few Sunday's ago we loaded the car with our backpack beach chairs and drove up Pacific Coast Highway. This was a HUGE event that she put on - 25 sponsors, bouncy houses, different superheros and cartoon characters, zip lines, puppet and magic shows, food, coloring and craft stations, face painting & a small train that brought absolute joy to the young ones.

The company responsible for the train is Send in the Clowns. They do amazing birthday parties, that come along with a very expensive price tag. The train was the first thing we saw after we checked in and GG was immediately drawn to it. When I first sat her down on the train, her smile said everything....PURE BLISS. We stood there and watched her go around, and around, and around. Being the goofy parents that we are, we waved to her everytime she passed us. After standing there for awhile, we realized that on our backs were beach chairs, so we opened the chairs and made ourselves comfortable. Robert and I sat there for who knows how long. Just watching our precious daughter circle around, and around, and around. PURE BLISS!