Monday, March 31, 2008

GG goes to Dodger Stadium!

It is Dodger season here in the City of Angels! YIPPPEEE! R and I have been going to Dodger games for years.....we never thought we would be taking our daughter to one. Yesterday we took GG to her very first Dodger game. I was concerned that she would get bored and want to leave right away. Well, I was wrong. She LOVED it! She would cheer when the crowd cheered. She would yell when the crowd yelled. Being that it was a spring training game, the stadium was not very crowded. We moved seats and found three empty seats where GG could stand and not be in anyone's way. She sang and danced and had a great time. After five innings, we decided to head home. Well, GG did not want to leave. Now we know she is down for Dodger games! When we got home, we decided to go to Fosters Freeze for a chocolate dipped ice cream cone. Of course, GG did not have her own, but shared with the both of us. It was a memorable day for us all!

Sporting her new Dodger Tee

Watching the Dodgers hit a home run!


We sure are sitting up high!

Good ole' Dodger Stadium.


Okay, so I'm little behind in posting. Easter morning we went to R's parents house for breakfast. After breakfast, we went outside to hide Easter eggs. At first GG had no clue what was going on. After watching her 8 year old cousin, Joaquin, she finally got the hang of it. She would walk around the yard calling out "huevos, huevos, huevos". She had the best time finding huevos and eating the yummy See's candy that was in the huevos. In the afternoon we went to my parents house for Easter dinner. GG has two cousin's on my side of the family - Camille (4 years old) and Abigail (3 months younger than GG). We arrived at my parents house before Camille and Abbie. GG would walk around the house calling for Abbie. The girls finally arrived and GG loved giving hugs to her BFF Abbie. These pictures were taken at my parents house. It was a great day!

GG in her Easter dress

GG taking time to smell the flowers

GG and Grandpa reading

GG and Grandma having fun! (Camille in the background)

I walked outside and found GG reading all by her lonesome.

This child loves to read!

Grandma reading to GG and Abbie

Tuesday, March 25, 2008