Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Attention, Attention.....

I interrupt the regularly scheduled GG cuteness and delay of the second pumpkin patch post with news of the following celebrity sighting:

Angie Harmon & Jason Sehorn!

Tonight we went to a sushi restaurant to celebrate a friend's birthday. The restaurant is known to be popular amongst the celebrities. In the past, my husband has seen a few dining there. I have not been so lucky, except for tonight. We were seated by the entrance and could see everyone coming in and out of the restaurant. I was enjoying my crab hand roll when my husband said, "Hey, it's Angie Harmon!". I looked up and sure enough it was her and her husband. I have to say that this woman is absolutely stunning. She was wearing tight jeans, high black leather boots and a black turtleneck Pancho & her hair pulled back. Her husband was not that bad either.....:)

I am a fan of hers for a few reasons - She is a mother to two young girls, and one baby on the way; she was my favorite DA on Law & Order; she does a lot for the community; and she is drop dead gorgeous.

The funny thing about this story is that prior to the arrival of the beautiful couple, I was looking over the sushi roll menu and noticed they had a roll named the "Angie Harmon". They must be regulars.

I now can add them to my celebrity sighting list that includes; Dennis Quaid, Brooke Burke, Britney Spears, Jennifer Gardner, Steve Carell, Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal, The Rock, Hillary Swank & Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Pumpkins Everywhere!

I love this time of year - Thanksgiving and pumpkin everything!

On Saturday, October 18 we went to a pumpkin patch with a girlfriend of mine, and her 3 year old daughter. It was a small pumpkin patch, with not much going on other than a whole bunch of pumpkins everywhere. Well, there was one bouncy house. When were were walking up to the patch, GG walked into a dry, thorny branch of some kind, which left a large scrape on the right side of her cheek. It did not faze her one bit because she was walking hand in hand with her little friend and was happy as a lark. It troubled me the entire time.

Pumpkin patches create a fantastic back drop for photo shoots. So I apologize for the overload of pumpkin pictures, I just can't resist.


This pumpkin is heavy.

GG and her little friend. So happy!

Out of all the pumkins, GG picked out these two little pumpkins.

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy

Sharing a snack.


Pensive GG

Monday, October 27, 2008

GG and the Witch

While I'm at work, GG stays with her Abeulo and Abeula. They do a fantastic job with her and try to keep her busy throughout the day. I began to have a hard time trying to find daily activities they could attend, until one day it dawned on me that the city we live in has an amazing program for kids of all ages. Classes are held at various parks throughout the city and range from music classes to soccer lessons to gymnastic classes. I signed GG up for three classes this session - Rainbow Music on Mondays and Terrific Toddler Time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The class she enjoys the most is Terrific Toddler Time. It's from 9:30 to 11:00 and they do a bunch of stuff.......singing, dancing, snack time, play time and arts and crafts. Two weeks ago GG came home with this witch. I immediatly put her name and date on the back. After admiring it for a couple of hours, we hung it outside on our front door for the entire the street to enjoy. So far, she has made ghosts and pumpkins, all similar in design. Since she attends the class twice in a week, she makes two of everything. It works out great, one set goes to Abeula's house and the other set is ours. The ghost and pumpkin are hanging on various door knobs throughout the house. At Abeula's house, they have all three works of art proudly displayed on their screen door. I wonder what she is going to make this week?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Overbites Rule

When I was younger I struggled with having a overbite. My older sister had terrible teeth, so she had to get braces. I witnessed all the pain and suffering she went through with the pulling of teeth, to tightening of the braces. It scared me, big time. One day my parents asked me if I wanted to get braces to fix my overbite. My answer was no thank you, I will live with my overbite. Looking back, I should have taken up my parents offer to get my teeth fixed. Yes, I can still get braces, but plan not to. My overbite will be with me until the end, and that's okay with me.

During my pregnancy, Robert and I would discuss what traits we wanted our baby to have. GG came out pretty much liked we had hoped. She has my husband's smile, his personality and my big brown eyes. There is one other thing she got from overbite! That must be a strong trait on my side of the family, because I got my overbite from my Mother.

I look forwarding to telling GG that overbites rule!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

GG and the Aquarium

A few weekends ago we met my parents at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. This was the first time meeting the Grandparents there. She really enjoys looking at all the fish, especially the tanks with Nemo, Dory & Gill. She did not really care for the giant crabs, I think she thought they were huge spiders. She would cover her eyes and say they were scary. GG can only take about two hours at the Aquarium and than she is done, checked out, done. After enjoying the fish, we walked across the street to Bubba Gump Shrimp and had a nice lunch outside on the patio. I do not get to see my parents that often, so I really enjoyed spending time with them.

GG spotted the grandparents from the parking structure.
Off she went...

Getting closer.


That's a giant sea bass behind them!

Not quite sure what the seal was doing,
but he liked hanging out there.

She loved the scuba man cleaning the tank.

Big girl.

The tank we were all waiting for!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fun Times at the Pool!

We took GG to Palm Desert over the long Labor Day weekend. Yes, I know I am the queen of delayed posts. Anyway, GG has grown to love the pool. She would try to jump in and wanted to swim on her own. We have yet to put her in swim lessons.....I think she is ready.

Walking, with authority, to the pool.

Right before she tried to jump in.

This is the life.

Just chillin.

Enjoying a snack.